Our Services

Beauty for Ashes can provide a six week course arranged in weekly two hour sessions or packages tailored to meet your business or individual needs.   The course/coaching offers life skills for people from various backgrounds.

During the course, you will gain skills to:

  • Identify environmental triggers and the impact these can have upon your health, wellbeing and behaviour.
  • Identify the impact emotional baggage can have on health and wellbeing.
  • Identify barriers and triggers that have held you back.
  • Improve your understanding of own behaviour traits and develop greater self-awareness.
  • Improve and increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • During the course you will also be offered support from other relevant agencies if required (Dyslexia awareness, Counselling, Drugs and Alcohol services and etc.)

Course contents

  • My story: full of life challenges.
  • I was heading for a life destined for failure.
  • fear, anxiety, low self-worth, poor education, no self- belief, fitting into the mould that others wanted, loss of identity - who was I then?  I know who I am now!
  • Words are powerful; they can build up your self-esteem or destroy it.
  • Belief; what you believe is what you become.
  • Your identity can be transformed by changing the way you view yourself and how you view others.
  • Personality traits play a part in who you are and we will explore these.
  • I discovered skills that have change my life for ever. I can teach you these skills, so you can change your life for the better!
  • The course can be provided in a variety of ways (E.g. 2 half days, 2 hourly sessions over four weeks) please get in contact for further details.
  • I have also created a 2 hour course on Stress Management.

 You can pick and choose the course contents to suite your company and clients needs. Please contact me for prices.

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